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  • being slutty
  • teasing
  • giving affection
  • cute men
  • dressing up
  • celebrating
  • kyaaa!!

    Seishi - 24 - He/Him

    effeminate male (homo)

    A very flamboyant and confident person, with a flirtatious and fun-loving demeanor. The first one to give a compliment, and being sensible and understanding makes him a good listener. Whether a friend or stranger, you'd notice how compassionate and determined he is. Despite his charms, he can be devious and tease to the point of sadism. Gets jealous easily, and often acts impulsively.

    goro akechi is his wife


    empathetic -♡------ logical
    sincere ----♡---- deceptive
    bold -♡----------- timid
    serious --------♡-- carefree
    polite -----♡------ sassy
    social --♡------- reserved
    patient -------♡-- restless
    optimist ---♡----- pessimist


    sources for all art; or click images

    links for many found graphics

    moodboard pintrest (rolling eyes)

    do not use any of my OC's at all; it is theft

  • short range weapon; whip
  • long range; cupid's bow
  • loves horror genre
  • self-inserts as the final girl
  • attracted to danger
  • in a hundred AUs
  • mood:seishi's mood is flirty