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💗 WIFE!! 💗

Goro Akechi from persona 5. i love him so much and know him better than anyone. till death do us part until we reunite in the next timeline some of which i'm killed in

phos and antarc from houseki no kuni. me and my wife. one of the best anime+manga ever made and very important to me. and it's super beautiful i highly reccomend.

natsume + tsumugi + mama + kaoru from enstars. i love men. the story is insane and the characters are very interesting and have a lot of fun interactions. im waiting on the eng release of the game to catch up on the new story.

hatsune miku + IA. really love vocaloid/UTAU music+art in general but especially attached to them. also she doesn't have a gender.

beatrice from umineko. shes sooo epic and complex and my everything. i could be her furniture . she doesn't need battler i would spend enternity in the golden land with her

rena + shion from higurashi. im fond for the characters + story despite it's uh content. i don't watch gou b/c of the sexualization

L and Near from Death Note.

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everything all the time:

animanga: Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous, Umineko (vn), death note, higurashi, mob psycho 100, heaven's official blessing, fruits basket, yuri on ice, devilman, dorohedoro, noragami, free!, hunter x hunter
games: Persona 5 Royale, Pokemon, indie horror games, project sekai, fable, the wolf among us
movies: howl's moving castle, spirited away, what we do in the shadows, lion king 1 + 2 , httyd, akira, the thing, parasite, blair witch project, the shining, nightcrawler
misc:vocaloid, catboys, snoopy, sea life, aliens, vampires, nonhumans
artists:uranohead ~ memcchi ~ yoshitaka amano (more soon just too lazy to look up+link rn)
podcasts: Heavyweight, The Opportunist, Bad Batch, Crime Show, Generation Cult, Room 20, Leaving Eden