try to remember..

I tend to forget just about everything, and this place is to help me connect to the past, and share the things that make me happy. link rot makes me sad, let’s do our best to preserve our memories.

this site's code is currently heavily based off of ratpilled's, i am working right now to change that (my first time coding) but!
plz visit ratpilled! (thank you)

you might need to reload the page to load all the graphics..
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image of the current time:

i need a new job just to get him. (Pure Neemo doll)

strangely, my mental health is better but my physical and cognitive health is worse.. that's the actual reason.

code based from
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[12/14/22] removed any AI-generation related websites for.. obvious reasons! don't steal art. [10/12/22] been a while since big update! new seishi page(!), img of time, edited about. if you missed last little update, new links. [6/3/22] it was my wife goro akechi's birthday yesterday. new image of time + 404 page. why is my guestbook broken now?! oh and happy pride!
[4/30/22] wow finished the explore page!! i somehow have a syntax error on my abt page now tho i can't figure out.. (4:00 AM FINISHED BUTTON!! AND FONT FAMILY!)
[4/23/22] i cant get font family to work! finished (for the most part) the favs page!
[4/19/22] did a ton of work yesterday into 6am on my favs page, and then didnt save before my computer shut down. heartbreak
[4/17/22] added email, guestbook, poll, about is a wip!
[4/16/2022] getting a little better at understanding wtf is going on with code. trying to make this site more my own, I don't want to make a direct copy.
would you rather?